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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Someecards: sarcastic pearls of wisdom

Now that the end of june it's almost here, now we're going to try something different: instead of going demotivational, we're going with someecards! Enjoy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Great expectations for Superman's "Man of Steel"

Superman hits the big screen again with "Man of Steel", and many are predicting a smashing weekend, with a box office score of 108 million, and maybe a total of 1.000 million at the end of the summer. Why? Because he's Superman, of course!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Angry Birds: Where are all those Golden Eggs?

Already done with all the levels and no clue where all those Golden Eggs lie? Need urgently to master the entire Angry Birds (original flavor) game for good? Look no more, ‘cause sipmacrants! is here with the 411!

Egg 1: Pause the game at the first level and touch the (?) icon. Go through the guided tour until the White Bird that throws exploding eggs appears.The egg throwed by the bird will be exactly the first golden Egg. Touch it. Remember, the instruction manual is for winners!

Egg 2: You need to achieve three stars in all "Poached Eggs" levels to get this Golden Egg. Tough one.

Egg 3: In the "Poached Eggs" 1-8 level please touch three times the treasure chest get the Golden Egg.

Egg 4: Still at the "Poached Eggs" 2-2 level try to destroy the beach ball achieve the next Golden Egg.

Egg 5: The “official” last game is “Bad Piggies” If you complete the entire game and watch patiently the credits, the Golden Egg will appear.

Egg 6: Press twice on the sun at the level selection screen and get the next Golden Egg. The sun is located at the bottom of the screen.

Egg 7: Get three stars in every single "Mighty Hoax" level to achieve the Golden Egg. Another tough one.

Egg 8: At the 4-7 level from “Mighty Hoax” there’s an egg on top of the mound (right side of the screen). Hit it with a Yellow Bird.

Egg 9: The 5-19 level at "Mighty Hoax" hides the egg out of the screen on the right side of the level. Zoom out and throw a yellow bird to that point and you should see it when the screen moves. To catch it, you can use the Yellow bird or the White bird to drop a bomb on the first tower to hit that height and get the Golden Egg. It’s easier with the Yellow Bird.

Egg 10: While selecting levels at "Danger Above", keep dragging the last screen of levels until the Golden Egg appears and then you can touch it.

Egg 11: Complete the entire "Danger Above" with 3 stars in all levels to unlock the Golden Egg. Tough times are here again.

Egg 12: Go to"Danger Above", level 6-14.  See that frigging yellow balloon? Try to reach it with the Boomerang Bird, but the bouncin’ wond’rous Yellow Bird is your best hope.

Egg 13: At "Danger Above", level 8-15, the egg is located directly below the launch pad. Launch a Yellow or a Boomerang bouncing at the mattressed wall.

Egg 14: If you can complete "The Big Setup" game, you will achieve a Golden Egg. Godspeed.

Egg 15: Meanwhile, at level 9-14 of the same game, there is a Golden Egg away from the camera. Zoom out and use the boomerang bird to catch it.

Egg 16: Watch out for the duck under the bridge at Level 10-3 of the “Big Setup” game! The duck has the Golden Egg!

Egg 17:  At Level 11-5 of the “Big Setup” game, the Golden Egg is conveniently located down the left side of the screen below the launch pad. Zoom out to view it and then use (somehow) the Boomerang Bird to catch it.

Egg 18: At level 12-12 from "Ham’em High" you will need all of your cunning to destroy the trophy that lies under the two piles of jewels in the middle of the structure. There is the Golden Egg.

Egg 19: Level 13-10, game "Ham’em High." There is an egg at the right side, away from the screen. You will get it with a White Bird propelling itself with throwing an egg.

Egg 20: At level 13-12 from "Ham’em High", this Golden Egg is kinda sneaky. To get it, you should zoom out and launch a White Bird backwards and then throw an egg on that side of the small hill.

Go ahead and enjoy. Aaaaa-júaa!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today is "Ed Balls Tweet" Day!

Some UK politician couldn't never imagine that a tweet in which he accidentally wrote only his name, could get a life on its own. Now, it's Ed Balls day and the twittersphere is celebrating by tweeting and retweeting, again and again "Ed Balls."

Remembers a little that Dexter's Laboratory episode "The Big Cheese", huh? Omelette du fromage, indeed.
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Late-April Demotivational Mememania!

We definitively like memes. For a generation with Internet-conditioned ADHD, nothing like an image with a caption. Humor, political editorial, social commentary... ALL in one picture. Maybe news will look like this with time. In the meanwhile please enjoy this new batch of original memes from jokerized.cheezburger.com:

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